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Mind Games

Getting started

Getting started at something new is always the hardest part. It’s something I constantly struggle with, no matter what the task is. The first time you attempt to do something new, you generally suck at it. Now I realise that part of getting good at something is being able to accept that when you start you are going to suck at it, but that it is going to make it feel all the more awesome once you get better at it. Here is an example. Three years ago my husband bought me my first mountain bike. At the time I…

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2016. The year of me

This year, I’m taking things a little bit differently. Instead of making a list of goals for the entire year, my plan is to focus on setting smaller monthly goals working towards my big primary focus¬†for the year – becoming a better version of myself. For the last few years I feel like I’ve been focussed on building my businesses, and while that was a good goal at the time, this year I want to take a different approach and focus on improving myself first, which will allow me to be able to do bigger and better things in the…

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Mind Games

The domino effect

You know how some days you just have one of those days where all of a sudden everything seems to be pushing against you. It feels like the world is against you and that no matter what you do, another hit is going to come at you from out of nowhere. Yesterday afternoon turned into one of those days for me. A seemingly small and innocent action sent my afternoon spiralling down a negative hole. First my attitude changed from one of happiness and productivity, to one of anger, sadness, frustration and irritability. With each decision I made from that…

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Study Notes

Passive Income Explained

When I first started learning about passive income streams, I didn’t really know much about what the options were here, so I’ve put together this guide to summarise everything I’ve learnt so far, as well as my experience with each. As I learn more, I’ll keep coming back and updating each one, as well as adding in some links on people who are having success in each area. Before I get started I think it’s important to note, passive income doesn’t mean you didn’t work to make it. You still gotta work, but it’s income that isn’t tied to how…

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Lesson #1: Why I procrastinate (and how I’m going to stop doing it)

For the last week I’ve been wanting to work on my book, but I haven’t actually got as far as sitting down and doing any of the work. Each day I make up excuses of things I ‘just need to do first’ before I can start the task, but then at the end of the day I still haven’t made any progress. So today, it got me thinking. Why do we procrastinate about doing things that we want to do? I want to work on this book, and I want to finish it. I think I’m scared that people won’t…

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Katrina Watson

Hi there! I’m Katrina, and I’m a thirty year old from Australia,¬†working to create a life that I love, and to hopefully help inspire and motivate others along the way. If you want to have more fun, be more awesome, and make the most out of every day, you’ve come to the right place.

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